Now that we are living in a post covid era, many businesses have either had to adapt and implement greater remote working or increase what was already in place. Although some companies may be apprehensive about fully embracing this concept across the business, there are steps that we can take to ensure that this is managed successfully. In order for this to be seen as a success, we need to ensure we carry out the following:

Regular Communication

We must ensure that our managers keep up regular contact with our employees who are working remotely is important here. We can also use this to update our remote working employees with key information such as any changes of business plans that could be coming up in the near future. This also goes some way to ensure that these employees do not feel left out or isolated from the company itself or from their work colleagues.

Encourage Teamwork Amongst Remote Staff

There is a big part to play here from our managers and we need to encourage them to make sure that their remote working employees are not left isolated from projects or key work if possible. We can advise our managers or supervisors that they can achieve this specifically by encouraging regular reminders to all staff that we must work as part of a team to enforce this point. We also have Teams and Zoom applications that are regularly used for this.

We Must Encourage Activities for Staff Engagement

Often overlooked but a key and important process, this has proven to work wonders for all-round teambuilding and of course morale within the business.

Recent studies have proven that the employees who rarely stop and continue to work on regardless, are less likely to be as efficient and productive in comparison to an employee who has regular short consistent breaks.  If ever there was one, this is yet another reason why we need to confirm the importance to our employees the need for them to take their regular breaks.