The Great Resignation – the name now commonly used that describes the much higher than usual number of employees who decided to leave, change or retire from their job roles in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. These were in fact unprecedented numbers and change the mindset of how employees looked at their futures and who – in some cases – their employers were.

It is strongly believed that this is when many people may have had too much time to think furloughed from their place of work. Many employees decided to leave their employment either to work elsewhere or venture into something new and different. This phenomenon occurred (and continues to occur) on masse around the globe.

How this has Impacted Businesses

Due to this huge shift in employee behaviour, many organisations were forced to consider – and continue to do so – compromise. This compromise in most cases is essentially the decision to permit employees the freedom to work more flexibly, in short, from home.

However, this was more than just a one-way street, as many businesses were also able to make great cost savings when it came to not having to rent large office space for employees who they found could just as easily complete their roles either from home or elsewhere.

As a result of these dramatic changes, the whole dynamics of how we see the workplace culture and how a business plans work projects have now totally shifted, probably for good. It can also be argued that this has also impacted on how employees view what they see as key benefits when coming into a business as they will seek these better work-life balance practices as the norm.

How does an Organisation Accept the Great Resignation?

Any company that has managed to change and adapt to these changing times will find it easier to cope with this new and impacting phenomenon.  Those that have managed to keep hold of their top performing employees have done so by compromising and accepting their employees requests and expectations. The expectations can often range from the changes to their work-life balance to increased holiday entitlement and even improved salary packages

Continued Success

If we want to grow, retain and attract top talented staff, we must acknowledge and get on board with this new era of working we find ourselves in. Many see the old way of working pre-Covid as draconian therefore, we must listen to our employees, especially if we want to keep them.