About Me

Hi there, I’m Paul Bond – founder of CredaHR.

I have worked in Human Resources for over 20 years for a variety of organizations of many different sizes and business sectors. I have worked extensively alongside employment law solicitors dealing with a wide variety of employment law issues from start to finish.

My extensive knowledge and experience include roles that require day-to-day advice to Managing Directors, Brand Directors, Managers and Supervisors. This includes specialising in advice on implementing processes to improve staff performance, attendance and attitudes in the workplace and updating Company Handbooks and policies.

I have also co-authored a book called “The Quick And Easy Fix To Grow Your Business” with Steve Hackney. This has provided many businesses with proven and tested formulas to grow their profits and business that continue to be successful today.

My proven and tested successful processes include areas such as Absenteeism, Manager Training, Company Handbook Policy implementation, staff performance and business growth for small and medium sized businesses. 

My background includes 8 years service in the British Armed Forces, and I have coached kids and youth Football and Futsal for over 10 years. I constantly strive to keep myself fit with 3 very active children as a single father and continue to educate myself with a variety of mentors from across the globe. My favourite reads to date are, The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy, The Success Principles – Jack Canfield and Life Leverage – Rob Moore.

My long-term goal is to set up a foundation for kids leaving school with a view to give them the skills, knowledge and confidence to build their future career’s around their passions and interests.

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